Why Take Salsa Lessons


Here are some good reasons why you should join us:

Health is the new rich

Invest on your Health

Tired and bored of your daily exercise routine?

Then try Salsa and Bachata dancing…!!

Salsa dancing is a Sport, but it is also Social. You are not limited to salsa dancing just during the class, you can also dance salsa at Parties, Social Events, when on Holidays, visiting friends, etc.

Salsa dancing is about movement, and movement brings along a Healthy Lifestyle.

Invest on your health & your happiness, do it while having fun, your overall motivation and stamina will soon increase.


Latin Classes

Success Stories

L.A. Style dancers


We have taken many LA style Salsa courses with Reuben in the past, and we've been very happy with his style of teaching. He is very patient, he takes his time, and explains the most intricate of the moves in an easy to understand manner. It is a pleasure learning how to salsa dance at his classes...
On y va...!!

Maria & John



Bei letzsalsa spürt man die Leidenschaft fürs Tanzen.
Es macht Spaß in lockerer Atmosphäre zu lernen.
Fordernd aber ohne Stress.
Geduldig gibt Reuben sein Können und Wissen an seine Schüler und Schülerinnen weiter.
Ein großartiger Lehrer für alle die wirklich Bachata oder Salsa lernen und leben wollen.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.

Elke & Jürgen



Nous avons pris deux-trois fois de cours de salsa à letzsalsa. Nous avons passé une très agréable seance. Nous nous sommes bien amusés et avons apprécié le cours, mais nous avons également appris quelques mouvements cool, prêts à être utilisés sur la piste de danse. On peut dire que Reuben est un vrai salsero dans son cœur.
Alle - Viva la Salsa... Vamos...!!

Vero & François

Cuban Salser@s


Fue un placer haber podido asistir a uno de tus talleres de salsa cubana. Nos quedamos superencantad@s, que pena que no pudimos ir al siguiente taller ya que tuvimos que regresar a España. Gracias Ruben, un saludo desde Mallorca, y cuidate por esas tierras tan lejanas.

Isabela & Manuel

Salsa Music

There are different flavors of Salsa to appease every mood. Salsa dura, salsa romantica, salsa classica, salsa sensual.

It can be fast, fluid, and dynamic, or you can take it slow (despacito)…

Need to increase your concentration levels for your job, and/or have peace of mind?

Then enjoy salsa dancing, while doing sport, and  listening to the music which has taken the World by storm…Salsa Music..!!

Our Philosophy
What is it all about?

Having Fun

At Letzsalsa we strongly believe in having fun whilst dancing.

We ease the process of learning how to salsa by rotating dance partners in our classes to ensure everyone gets to practice, and every single student learns from everyone else.

This ensures that salsa dancing remains sociable, and it also helps in the individual development of every student as a salsa dancer.

Fluidity, harmony, rhythm, enjoyment, and having fun during the “salsa dancing” learning process are our ultimate goals, and we are fully committed to achieving these.

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