Special Offers

Wedding Dances

Why not learn a Salsa / Bachata Choreography for your Wedding Dance?

Make your special occasion a memorable one by learning how to Salsa, and how to Bachata Sensually.

Plan in advance, and give yourselves ample time to learn the choreography in a relaxed manner, so you will master all the moves on that special day, your Wedding Day.

Let us know your wishes, and send us an email.

Dance Vouchers

Would you like to buy a Birthday gift?

Maybe a Christmas present for your family, friends, loved ones, and run out of ideas?

Why not present them with LetzSalsa Dance Vouchers?

The ideal Gift combining all the goodnes of Life:

  • Health, Dance, and Sport.

Contact us and let us know your requirements.


From time to time we organise Bootcamps, and intensive Workshops at the Weekends.

Ideal for those with a very busy work life, and/or wish to learn faster.

Places tend to be very limited, and pre-registration is required.

Send us an email, and stay informed by subscribing to our Newsletter.

Rueda de Casino

In Cuba, the music is known as salsa, but the dance itself “salsa” is commonly known as “casino”, and rueda (Spanish) means wheel in English.

Rueda de Casino –> Salsa Wheel  (wheel of salsa in Spanenglish)

The highlight of Cuban Casino (Salsa) dancing. You won’t be limited to dancing with just one partner. You will be dynamically changing partners “during” the same song. Just watch out for “traffic Jams”  …  :-))

Rueda de Casino is for dancers who already have some basics of casino (salsa) dancing, not ideal for absolute beginners due to its moderate speed, and fluidity.

Places tend to be very limited, and pre-registration is required.

If interested, send us an email, and feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter.

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