Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many lessons do I need to take until I am able to dance socially?
If you are an absolute beginner we do advise you to start practicing for at least 6 months, once or twice a week. As a leader,  it will take longer. As a  follower just practice until you reach a comfortable level. This very much depends on your musical background: musical knowledge, musicality, and rhythm, physical fitness, your focus, and above all, your determination. If you would like to learn faster, we recommend private lessons.

Q. Do I need a partner to dance with?
A. If you are just taking classes: No. As mentioned in the classes, we encourage and promote the process of “Partner Rotation”. In fact this is great for your development as a dancer, i.e. to be able to dance with different partners. This is true for both, leaders and followers.

Q. What should I wear?
For the dance lessons you should wear something that you feel comfortable with, and be prepared to sweat. Bring an extra top (t-shirt) if you tend to sweat a lot. If you are attending a class in a Fitness Studio, familiarize yourself with the Fitness Studio Norms and Regulations (i.e. Sport Shoes, maybe no High-Heels).  For the leaders you can start off wearing your office shoes or any other shoes you may choose. Eventually we encourage you to purchase proper dance shoes. For the followers, try to avoid stiletto heels in the very beginning. Be comfortable, and above all, remember that you are just starting “learning” dance turns and spins, so you might choose some sports shoes during the learning process. Once you gain confidence and you are more comfortable, you may wear the shoes of your liking, high Heels, stilettos, etc. Shoes with soles that allow you to spin.

Q. Would private lessons improve my dancing?
Yes, that is correct. With Private lessons you will definitely learn, and improve your technique, and fine (but important) details faster, but always rememberd you do need to practice a lot. The sooner you identify and correct these small mistakes, the better, and the easier it is to correct them.


Q. If I train hard can I become an excellent social dancer?
The classes aim to teach you the correct technique, and a repertoire of moves, dance moves which are dance able, and ready to use on the dance floor. But remember, you need to practice, practice, and practice, i.e. you need to “dance your socks off”, this way you will be able to apply all you have learned in our classes, in a  natural, and elegant way.  As we always say: “Practice makes perfect”. Our dance classes, combined with lots of Social Dancing (which we also offer), and your dedication and determination  will soon make you a Salsa / Bachata Master.

Q. What is the policy regarding drinking before,during, and after the Salsa Classes?
Dancing is a sporting activity, and as such, during the Summer period, and/or warm days we recommend you to drink enough water before taking up any kind of physical exercise to stop your body from dehydration. Remember, you are responsible for your own health.. 🙂 The salsa classes take place in locals that our sponsors/partners kindly provide. We rely on your custom to keep the salsa classes prices low by using the “Food and Drink” facilities provided by our sponsors. Therefore “No Food/Drinks” are allowed into the classes at the Origine Provence Bar-a-vin, nor into the classes at the TopSquash Fitness Center. Food and Drink are NOT include in the Class registration. During physical exercise, we naturally need to intake lots of fluids…and as dancing is also a  social activity, what better way to enjoy a Salsa class with  a nice Mojito… 🙂

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