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Dance Classes

Cuban Salsa

The original Salsa, also known as Casino.
A direct descent of Cuban Son with Afro-Cuban, and Rumba influences.

Dynamic, fluid, explosive.

This is how salsa dancing was born, and how it was meant to be.

Bachata Sensual

Bachata is originally from the Dominican republic.

There are many Bachata styles, Dominican Style, Bachata Fusion, etc. In the past there was also BachaTango. However, nowadays the most popular one seems to be “Bachata Sensual” style of dancing.

Bachata “Sensual”, as the name implies, is about sensuality, taking it nice, and slow. Expect to be dancing very close to your partner.

L.A. Online Salsa

International Salsa Style, which has become very popular.
Commonly known as both, L.A.  (Los Angeles Style salsa), and Salsa online.

Elegant, Stylish, very disciplined with attention to small detail when leading and following.

The Online (Lineal) style, together with Cuban Salsa, are the most widely adopted salsa styles around the World.

Private Lessons

Want to improve your technique, and speed up your learning?

You find there is no time to attend  regular Salsa / Bachata Lessons?

Then you can have Private Lessons with us.

One-to-one or one-to-two people in our Private Lessons.

Simply contact us for further details.

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