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Letzsalsa Latin Dance School

Easy Salsa, Let's Dance, Letz Salsa....

Letzsalsa is an Official Latin Dance School established in Luxembourg in 2019

We are a passionate group of Salsa dance instructors, we take pride in teaching practical dance choreography, and moves which are easy to lead, and to follow, but above all, we avoid over complicating salsa dancing.

Our Mission

At Letzsalsa dance school we believe in the concept of “easy salsa”. We teach dance moves, whether Salsa, or Bachata, which are ready to use on the dance floor with other dance partners who we might have never met before.

After all, the end-game is to have fun, and enjoy dancing with our partner.



She works for an international e-commerce company, and spends as much time outdoors as she can, running, hiking, and playing football.
Her other passion is salsa dancing...!!

She looks forward to dancing with all of you..!!



Whichever country he lives in, he always makes sure there is a Salsa Caliente Party in the neighbourhood.

“We are not strangers, just friends who haven’t met”



Marion has developed her pedagogical skills, as a full-time Primary School Teacher in Trier (Germany).

She brings along her passion to inspire young minds, and a commitment to ensuring that, every dance student achieves their potential.

Letz go... Da je..!!

20 +
Years of SALSA DANCE Experience
250 +
Students who enrolled with us in the past
5 +
Multilingual (5 Languages) spoken by our Dance Teachers
We Can Help You

We always make sure that our Trainers have the best qualities so they can guide you on your new Salsa & Latin dance adventure, and help you achieve the best dance version of yourself.

The Rest Is Up To You

Take the jump, come and join us at one of our classes in Luxembourg for a night of salsa dancing, and lots of fun.


Letz have your opinion

We appreciate your feedback

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