Due to Covid19 all classes are
cancelled until further notice..!!

As soon as we have the go ahead from the Lux-Government you will be informed.

Stay at home, and above all “Stay Healthy”.


Latin Dance School

Letzsalsa is a Latin Dance School specializing in Cuban Salsa, L.A Style Salsa, Rueda de Casino, as well as Bachata Sensual in the Luxembourg City, and the Greater Region.

Marion and Reuben Workshops
Skilled Dance Teachers,
Professional Trainers

Who we are

We love what we do,
and we do what we love…
400 +
Happy Salsa & Bachata Dancers
Reuben – of Cuban origin

Has been dancing Salsa all his life. Has lived, and taught Salsa in Spain, London, Munich, Belgium, and now in Luxembourg.

“Salsa is not just a dance, but a passion, a way of life.”

Iria – originally from Spain

Has been dancing since she was 6 years old. Iria has developed a special passion for Latin dances, particularly Puerto Rican salsa, and Sensual Bachata.

She promotes Latin dances wherever she goes, as she truly believes that..

“Dancing is the easiest way to connect with people, and generate that special energy that fuels our lives”.

Marion Extra
Marion – from Trier

Has been teaching salsa in different locations since 2003.

She brings along her expertise and know-how to the salsa scene.

“Her energy, enthusiasm, patience, dedication, and self-discipline are some of the qualities that make her such a great Salsa Teacher.”

Dance Courses

Cuban Salsa - Casino

Luxembourg City

Classic Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino.
The Spanish melodies mixed with Afro-Cuban percusssions to give birth to this musical genre which today we know as salsa.
Don't just think about it.
Now is the time to learn how to "salsa" ...

Coming Soon

Bachata Sensual

Luxembourg City

Beautiful dance from the Dominican Republic. Learn the traditional Bachata dance or the new Bachata Sensual style.
No Latin Party is complete without Bachata.

Coming Soon

Los Angeles Style (Online)

Luxembourg City

Also known as Cross-Body-Lead style or Lineal Salsa. Very popular in Los Angeles.
As with Cuban Salsa it is also danced on the first beat.

Coming Soon

We Can Help You

What Are You Looking For?

From time to time we have special Workshops, and Boot-camps. These  are not part of the planned, regular classes/sessions.

These are arranged on demand, depending on level of interest, and room availability.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, let us know, and send us a message.

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